CCTV Cables

CCTV Cables Accuracy in Power and Video Signal transmission 4+1 CCTV Cable and 3+1 CCTV Cable Transmit the complete video frequency range with minimum distortion or attenuation Designed to optimize the quality of video signals Solid annealed bare copper conductor of electrolytic grade ensures complete elimination of MEI / RFI from the video signals.
CCTV Cables APPLICATION COSMO CCTV Cables are offered in two types namely 4+1 CCTV Cable and 3+1 CCTV Cable. Coaxial cables form the carrier for video signaland the other ‘4 cores’ or ‘3 cores’ form the carriers for power. INSULATION: PVC CONDUCTOR: Solid Annealed Bare Copper Conductor MATERIAL: PVC CORE CODE: Red, Yellow & Grey