Aluminium Unarmoured

Aluminium Conductor POLYCAB A2XY MC-3.5, Stranded compacted aluminium conductor, XLPE insulated, and PVC sheathed confirming to IS 7098-1 is suitable for AC single phase or three phase (earthed or unearthed) systems with rated voltage up to and including 1100 V. This cable is also suitable for DC systems with rated voltage up to and including 1500 V to earth CONSTRUCTION Upto 1.1 kV 1.5 sqmm to 1000 sqmm cable range Low Voltage Cable with 1, 2, 3, 3.5 & 4 cores 2 core to 100 core, 1.5 & 2.5 sqmm control cable range Aluminium / Copper conductor XLPE insulation, PVC insulation Armoured / Unarmoured FR / FRLSH / PVC ST2 / LSZH sheathing
ALUMINIUM UNARMOURED VOLTAGE RATING: 650/1100 V OPERATION TEMPERATURE: 90˚C Short circuit temperature 250˚C CORE IDENTIFICATION: Red, Yellow, Blue & Black STANDARD AND REFERENCES: IS 8130:2013 IS 5831:1984 IS 7098-1:1988 BENDING RADIUS: Fixed installation | 12 x Overall diameter