Telephone Cables

Telephone Cables Solid Polythene Insulation Copper Conductor, Jelly Filled, Core Wrapped Polyester, Moisture Barrier Polyal Screened, Black Polythene Inner Sheath , Double Steel Tape Armoured , Black 03C Polythene Outer Sheathed Under Ground Armoured Telecom Cable As Per GR/CUG-01/03 Aug 2003. Polycab Brand Jelly Filled Telephone Cables, Solid Annealed Copper, Polythene Insulated, Petroleum Jelly Filled With Poly-Al Laminate Moisture Barrier, Polythene Sheathed,G.S.Tape Armoured Polythene Jacketed Telephone Cables As Per Dot/ Polycab Specification
Telephone Cables APPLICATION Festoon Cable is designed specifically for frequent motion and flexing. Applications include portable control, spring and motor driven reels, festoon systems, power tracks, cable tenders, cranes and hoists. SHEATH Black LDPE CONDUCTOR: Copper Conductor INSULATION: Solid Polythene STANDERD: TEC/BSNL SPEC. NO GR/CUG-01/03AUG.2003