Computer LAN Cables

Computer LAN Cables To begin this article lets first start with exactly what is a LAN? A LAN stands for local area network and it is a computer network that interconnects computers in a certain area such as homes, universities, offices, commercial buildings, labs and just about any place with a range of computers in a close vicinity. LANs are vital in computer networking and just about any computer you use is connected to another device in some way. Not only are there small scale network connections but they can vary in size. What about over large areas of land, say large corporations and governments? These are called wide area networks.
Telephone Cables Better performance LAN cables can typically support faster data transfer speeds than wireless connections. It is especially important for activities requiring a lot of bandwidth, such as gaming, streaming video, and file sharing Security LAN cables are more secure than wireless connections because they are not as easy to intercept as wireless signals. CONDUCTOR: Copper Conductor Reliability: Various Types of Lan Cable are more reliable than wireless connections because LAN cables are not as prone to interference or signal loss as wireless signals. STANDERD: TEC/BSNL SPEC. NO GR/CUG-01/03AUG.2003